Bad Credit?

We understand that sometimes people run into financial difficulty through no fault of their own. Layoffs, divorce, medical emergencies, and other unanticipated events can happen to anyone, and can result in bad credit. We understand that, due to events beyond their control, many Americans have experienced bankruptcy and foreclosure recently. We are willing and able to help you re-build your credit by securing a car loan for you. Our experienced financial professionals have access to many lenders and have the connections and the know-how to get you a loan. Most importantly, our courteous and professional staff will treat you with the respect you deserve regardless of your credit history. Start rebuilding your credit today. It's secure, quick, easy, and completely hassle-free! With one of NH's largest selections of new and used and used vehicles, Irwin Hyundai can help.

Common Credit Issues


Many people have experienced bankruptcy. We understand that bankruptcy can happen to anyone, and we are ready to help you re-build your credit and get a fresh start.


A repossessed vehicle will not automatically disqualify you for another car loan. Our financial service professionals are here to help! Give us a call and we will start the process of getting you a car loan.

Late payments or slow pays

Things happen. Whether a bill gets misplaced or an automated payment takes too long, there are plenty of reasons why people miss payments or make late payments. Our financial services team can work out most credit problems for you, even slow pays.


Many people in New Hampshire have lost their homes due to the current economic climate. Our financial service managers are ready to help you get back on your feet. Start improving your credit today by applying for a car loan. We offer NH Bad Credit Car Loans for all different types of circumstances.

Charge Offs

Even if you still have unpaid debts, we are willing to work with you and help you get the loan you need for a new or used car. We offer credit challenged help for a variety of situations.

"When other dealers couldn't get me the financing I needed the guys at Irwin's were able to come through. They were great to deal with and I highly recommend them."

- Jim B., Gilford, NH

"They were the fourth dealer I went to. I didn't think they could get me financed with my credit situation. Irwin's was able to help me when others couldn't. While that was great I was more impressed with how they treated me. I felt very comfortable."

- Gene H., Rochester, NH

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